Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE)

QHSE Management System

Skevingtons Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) Management System outlines how we manage QHSE related issues, tasks and legislative requirements when undertaking our business activities. Mango (QHSE Management System) is the software we use to record, control, maintain and communicate all aspects of Skevingtons QHSE compliance requirements. We have adopted the concept of the plan, do, act, check cycle to ensure continual improvement. As members of SiteWise, IMPAC and ISNetworld, and passing prequalifications to be an approved contractor for local councils in the areas we have worked, demonstrates the company’s dedication to effective Health and Safety management systems that are imperative for Skevingtons to protect employees, the public, the Principal and the Environment.

Health and Safety

Safety is our first and foremost company value because safety is paramount to the way in which we wish to deliver our work. We also recognise that our customer's needs, and the environments in which we operate, are ever-evolving and therefore acknowledge the importance of our systems to adapt and evolve accordingly. Our people are committed to adhering to our systems to help ensure that everyone goes home safe every day. Skevingtons is proud of its strong safety record.

Risk Management

Skevingtons like to work closely with every stakeholder to ensure that project-specific plans are prepared to meet the requirements of contracts and are implemented accordingly. Staff are trained in risk management and adhere to risk management policies and procedures to ensure Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental outcomes are to the highest standards.


Skevingtons is committed to minimising our impact on the environment. At all times we ensure that we are complying with relevant legislation and meeting industry expectations. We are regularly striving for innovative and new ways to do things, including minimising our environmental footprint and ensuring compliance with client and other stakeholder’s environmental requirements.


Quality is a shared responsibility of each member of our team and an essential to delivering exceptional services that make us proud of what we do and the difference we make. Our systems advocate continual improvement and ensure we maintain a high level of compliance with our legislative and other requirements.

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